2016 | eMovo – The mobile voting application

Stage Two: Frontend

Stage 2: Once the coders and designers are briefed you leave it to them and you wait and see what they come up with. Trust them. After all you chose them. The agency I chose to work with me – in this case Valencia from Basel, Switzerland – came up with their first drafts.

It was flawless. Both me and the client happy. So here is the final result:

emovo | v. 1.1

Please note: This application is not an app per se. It's a website adjusted to work and display properly on mobile devices. You can easily access the application with your browser on your desktop computer. But then the whole layout goes down the drain.

Start page

Film pannel

Since the voting happes in a cinema during simultanous screening of the competing films, it was decided to just feature the key image of each film, the titel and the three point ranges to be given: 10 - 15 or 20. Keep it slick and simple.

After the points are given…

… the page automatically switches to the next film on screen in the cinema.

The application even recognizes if one voter had already voted for a film, in order to prevent cheating by clicking the back button of the mobile browser and vote again.

End page