SBB | e-business | alliancemanagement | 2011 – 2012

Aftersales @ Ticket shop

Marketing and Distribution scheme

The only page on the website of SBB you see for sure is the confirmation page at the end of the online ticket purchase. So I came up with the idea to place dynamic banners on the very bottom of that page, since the user is already in a sort of "spending mood" having just bought a ticket. The banners would appear customized to the purchaser's interests and travel circumstances, based on available parameter, like gender, age, origin and destination of travel, hour of depart and arrival of travel, at al.

Example: If a passenger travels from Zurich to Bern in the morning and has a return ticket for the evening, chances are high he might have lunch in Bern.

So the system offers him a link to a third party commercially run restaurant reservation plattform. Every lead and every subsequent transaction would generate additional revenue for the SBB.