SBB | e-business | alliancemanagement | 2011 – 2012

Branding-Day @ SBB

Marketing and Distribution scheme with deep integration into the SBB mobile ticket app

This concept was designed to give large national companies and organisations the opportunity to brand all mobile and online tickets for one day, including the possibility to sponsor a certain ammount of the ticket price as a promotional gift, e.g. on national holiday. The revenue model in the example case shown below was build on a fixed fee for the branding day itself and revenue per 1000/clicks and 1000/leads on the advertisers end.

Banner integration into the mobile ticket

On Branding Day a banner is displayed on every purchased ticket - in this example case a banner of the Banking wing of the Swiss National Postoffice, Postfinance. A click on it leads to a micro landing page integrated into the App of SBB.

Landing page

The landing page contains the advertising / marketing display of the advertiser. A link is placed on the micro landing page. On click it leads to a micro landing page hosted on the advertisers end. Every click would generate additional revenue for SBB.


On the micro landing page of the advertisers end the offer / product is placed – in this example case pension funds – with a call to action. If a passenger decides to contact Postfinance it generates a lead creating the second source of revenue along the chain for SBB.

The branding day would extend even to the online ticket that gets printed at home or in the office prior to the journey. This scheme was already in use at the time of my arrival at SBB but only in use for advertisement of SBB's own services.

One of my achievements was to open this channel to third parties to be used as an advertising and couponing plattform, generating additional revenue for the SBB.