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Display Advertising

Distribution of third party advertisement on the touch screens of SBB's 1'400 own ticket wending machines (called BATS) with more than 110 million transactions (equals eye balls) per year. And it turned out to have become quite a little fountain of extra revenue for SBB ;-)

Display Ads for SBB Products, Partners and third parties.



Easy handling of Ad distribution due to centralized vending machine network management (one stop shop).


Ideal for branding campaigns due its billboard format.


Attractive due to a nation wide network of vending machines. Every contact (eyeballs) is registered and reported to the advertising client.


Effective due to the ability to segment the Ad distribution, e.g. shown only in Zurich or in the Region of Zurich but not in the rest of the nation. In fact the distribution of an Ad can be pinpointed down to one specific vending machine in a specific train station.


Strong due to its ability to advertise for products that passengers usually buy in a trainstation, e. g. news papers and magazines.

We did a test in the trainstation in Zurich:
We displayed for the duration of one week an ad for a chocolate bar only on those vending machines that are located behind the row of kiosks in the departure hall.
Result after a week: the sales of chocolate bars in those kiosks have increased during that week.