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Cooperation between Swiss Federal Railways and Axa Winterthur

Axa Winterthur is a Swiss Insurance company that, among other, insures cars. Part of an insurance package are a number of free taxi vouchers to make you avoid driving your car, should you ever get drunk or something similar. (see Ad below). This is part of their damage reduction program. They approached us with the idea to expand that program into train tickets. Marvellous, we said. Let's do that.

The deal was set under my lead. However it ended by distributing the train tickets to the clients by email. My idea instead was a deep integration of the ticket delivery into the app of Axa Winterthur. The project got stuck until the day I left the company. I don't know if my initial idea ever came to root. But below a brief outline of what my plan was.

Take me home 

The app of Axa Winterthur would have had a new function added: A «Take me home» button.


After an one time registration process by the Axa client, all relevant data is sent to a central database.


The Axa database returns unique alphanumeric codes (purchased from SBB's GAMO-scheme of digital mobile tickets already in service) back into the app – one for every ticket.

Ticket use

Comes the day the Axa client decides to use his Ticket, he hits the «Take me home» button.

Ticket wallet

The ticket wallet inside the app opens.

Home by Train

The client hits the «Home by Train» button.


The app sends one of the stored alphanumeric codes to the web server of SBB where the mobile ticketing is managed.


It vaidates the alpanumerical code as being legitmate and paid and sends the mobile ticket into the app.


The Axa client activates his ticket prior to boarding the train by hitting the «Home by Train» Button.

Off you go

The ticket is on display in the app – and off you go.