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You might wonder what Slide Engineering is. So did I – until I learned about it. Towards the end of my gig at Bank Julius Bär back in 2006 I was approached by the Project manager Business Architecture Private Banking Front  who noted that I always provided clean cut Powerpoint slides. So he asked me if I would be willing to clean up the slides of his project. They were complete but somehow visually not fit to be presented to the board of governors of the Bank. So I was hired for another three months as a Slide Engineer (no kidding, that was the job title stated in the contract) to tune up his slides. 

Believe it or not, but it's something I still do every now and then. Simply because I like to do it. It's a job you can do listening to music while bringing order into chaos. Quite relaxing. Also, because in general presentations are meant to be used internally within a company and not published publicly, you are absolutely free to use every mood picture and icon you find on any search engine in the internet without worrying about publishing rights.

I throw you a few slides I made in the past to give you an Idea. And if you are struggling with your own Power Points… just drop me a note ;-)

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